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I think my (former biology) teacher just got protective over me when I mentioned my transgender thing. Relax, I got it under control, I know who I can trust and who not. It’s research purposes and I know the biology teacher of all people should be safe, lol. Besides it’s really not that much of a secret, I came out of the closet once and I do not intend to stay in any other closets. If people want to know, they can ask and I’ll answer, unless I sense danger.

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I CANNOT CONTAIN MYSELF I AM GOING TO SQUEAL I S2G ALL OF THIS IS SO SATISFYING TO READ! Also sorry not sorry for the personal spam, you can blacklist ‘life’ - the tag that I have been using for forever for things like that - if you don’t wanna see it.

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I FOUND THE AWESOME GUY FROM THE GROUP ON THE IGENDER SITE OH MY GOD. So I guess he’s 19 then. And an OUaT fan. Guys I need help.

.. Now that I think about it, is the guy I read the happy-end story from maybe the same guy who we signed a ‘get well soon’ card for? The name is the same and it wouldn’t surprise me.

I’m reading all these awesome happy-end trans stories and before that I read a fic about marriage and thought about that and now I just-… Give me my damned transformation right now and my marriage after that. But also I’ve had serious thoughts about marriage like: Who will be my maid of honor oR BEST MAN OH MY GOD I NEVER EVEN CONSIDERED THAT BUT SHOULDN’T I GET A BEST MAN INSTEAD?! Guys I am freaking out over little stuff that will not happen in the coming decade at least O_O Why do I care about marriage standards, I will get a best woman or butler of honor if I so please.



That is the perfect gif usage.


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Someone across from me had a fun time. I see hickeys

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Last two chapters of Operation Wings: Not suited for class. Why? I WENT FROM ACTUAL CRYING TO LAUGHING SO FAST AND I CANNOT STAY SILENT WITH A POKERFACE


If you pull me in by my shirt before you kiss me, I will fall in love with you.



“let me hide the body”

If that isn’t motherly love what is

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I bet they are not talking about 2pm to 5pm, because that shit makes me pretty damned moody.